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June 5, 2010

Back in the Day

Good American Post Staff Reports

People who own or are employed by small businesses know the advantages and disadvantages of such.  First of all, the process of getting hired is insurmountably easier to go through the hiring process, to get to know “the boss”, and to have reasonable expectations of what is expected of you.  If you aren’t doing your job, you are fired.  The “disadvantages” often revolve around benefits, health care coverage, and something we call “stability”.

Not sure if you have been watching the news or not, but even being employed by “the big” companies seems to be quite unstable – benefits are questionable and you immediately tie yourself to an entire industry (which unfortunately is or will be regulated out of existence if we are not careful).

In a perfect world?  Well, there is no such thing.  However, one could start to look at supporting local businesses and local economies in more ways than purchasing items from them.  We support our local communities by believing in each other, and believing in the businesses and business owners – we start our own businesses and take that leap of faith.

Our contributor, Tamrah Jo Ortiz expands on the subject on her blog: Productivity in the Workplace – Imagine That!